Have You Ever Asked WHY You Are In Chronic Pain?

chronic-painOur body is built to miraculously heal.

The human body should have healed itself within a reasonable amount of time after an injury.

Chronic pain is not the human body’s normal state. In fact, the human body will always try to heal, despite the meddling of our medical system.

You heard that right. It’s not your fault that you are still in chronic pain. The medical system in America often creates chronic pain patients. The vast majority of treatments can cause further damage and more chronic pain in the long run.

We can’t blame medical doctors — most mean well and are working within the system to the best of their ability. They offer you the tools they have in their toolbox — in other words, what is allowed by the system.

Here are a few examples.

Prescription Drugs

The most obvious one is prescription drugs. We can use the euphemism “pharmaceuticals” or “prescription medication” but the bottom line is that drugs are drugs. They are addictive, dangerous and toxic. The opioid epidemic is a direct and obvious result of big pharma downplaying the highly addictive nature of opioids back in the 1990s.

As well all know and have come to accept (WHY?!), drugs have “side effects.” That’s another euphemism — they should be called “damages” because drugs do damage to the human body in one way or another. Many “side effects” listed on drugs are severe.

Steroid Injections

These mask the chronic pain temporarily but in the long run they are deteriorating the area. This is why only three are allowed in each area. Patients often report more chronic pain in the long run after having steroid injections.

There are many other examples. We are not bringing up this topic to blame or offend you — but to WAKE YOU UP!

The Side Effects

Two culprits of the top five causes of death in our country are: “Properly Prescribed Medications” (yes you read that right) and “Medical Error.”
This actually really ticks us off. This is why our goal is to help our patients find a true path to healing. We don’t want to be part of a system that has no integrity. We want to help every patient wake up and take control of their chronic pain.

As Bob Dylan says, times-they-are-a-changing, and most people can see that the medical system is set up to make profits. It’s a rock-solid cash cow, actually, and the system relies on patients not getting better. It keeps people sick.

We realize that’s tough to hear. We realize that’s frustrating. We live it every day, just like you, when we hear similar stories from all of our chronic pain patients.

Get on the healing path with us. We have a program that works — if you stick with it. It’s not the quick-fix mentality. It’s accepting the responsibility to change your life and as a result heal. We promise to do our part, but first you need to do yours.
You are ready.

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