What’s Your Pain IQ? – QUIZ

3-Question Quiz

About my pain situation, I feel…

a. hopeful and determined
b. discouraged and frustrated
c. hopeless and angry

I have been told most often by doctors and therapists…

a. I should try low-risk, natural treatments first
b. I need interventions and probably surgery
c. I have to accept my pain and “manage” it forever

I believe the cause of my pain to be…

a. lack of good diet/exercise, or an old injury
b. bad luck
c. hereditary, causing a downward spiral

If you chose mostly A, click here.

Good for you! Your pain IQ is high! You are open-minded and have a great chance of getting better! The first step on your path to healing is learning that your body will always heal if given the right environment. By releasing the nerves, and simultaneously adding stability to the weak area, the Bonacci Method™ relieves pain and allows healing to begin. Click HERE to schedule.

If you chose mostly B, click here.

Keep your head up! Your pain IQ is moderate but it will be easy to educate you on what needs to be done. It’s easy to get discouraged in a sick-care system that relies on a One-Size-Fits-All approach. We believe in empowering patients to embrace true healing and permanent pain relief. We don’t Band-Aid — we dig deep into the root cause and attack the issue at its core. Click HERE to schedule.

If you chose mostly C, click here.

Rock bottom means the only place to go is up! Your pain IQ is low the moment, but do not despair! We can educate you! We have built our reputation by helping the most severe chronic and complex pain situations that other doctors and therapists were unable to solve. If you feel you are “trapped” on long-term opioids, or if you are having feelings of depression and hopelessness and don’t feel like yourself, please call us. We would love to help you get your life back. Click HERE to schedule.

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