Headaches come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of causes. Often, nerves are involved and the realignment and relaxation of the nerves through manual soft tissue work can alleviate the headache. The nerves throughout the entire body can affect headaches. There are many ways to relieve pressure on nerves. We use RegenAlign: The Bonacci Method of Regenerative Alignment™. 

With RegenAlign™, a variety of assessments and manual techniques are utilized to free compromised nerves by aligning the muscles, connective tissue, nerves, and joints. Most patients will need 4-12 sessions for enduring stability. The RegenAlign™ posture assessment and technique was developed during 20 years of treating severe, acute, and chronic, complicated pain and injury conditions. Many of these conditions were unresponsive to prior medical or alternative treatment, yet we found success by creatively combining various manual techniques. By aligning all the structural parts of the body — muscles, fascia, joints, and nerves — the body is able to regain motion and improve function, and pain subsides.

Dr. Bonacci says, “In scientific theory, and in my personal beliefs, we are not meant to live in pain. Our bodies are made to heal. We are healing machines. Given the right atmosphere, we can heal more extraordinarily than most of us believe or have experienced. In many cases, we hear stories of people in dire circumstances having healing experiences and see it as miraculous. Our bodies are a miracle — given a healing environment internally, they can regenerate. I help provide that environment by removing blockages in muscles, soft tissue, and joints, allowing the nerves to flow properly again and the body to move properly again. Movement is life. Movement is healing.”

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