Three Steps. We embrace medicine to heal chronic pain, as well as a whole-picture approach. We pull patients out of the downward spiral of pain, and create positive healing momentum. We chart a unique course for each patient, but they all involve the same three steps.

Two Methods. We have developed a unique alignment technique called the Bonacci Method of Regenerative Alignment: RegenAlign™. We use it, along with the Feldenkrais Method® , to help chronic pain patients begin a real path to healing.

Evolution: The RegenAlign™ posture assessment and technique was developed during 19 years of treating severe, acute and chronic, complicated pain and injury conditions. Many of these conditions were unresponsive to prior medical or alternative treatment, yet we were able to find success by creatively combining various manual techniques — a different combination for each individual patient. By aligning all the structural parts of the body — muscles, fascia, joints and nerves — relieving stress and strain, the body is able to regain motion and improve function, and pain subsides.

We can help every situation: RegenAlign™ was designed to be effective in the most extreme and fragile cases, often involving surgical hardware, severe pain, arthritis, osteoporosis or pinched nerves. The same way we help severe patients get better is exactly how we treat less severe cases such as strain or injury to muscles and joints, and prevent greater problems from developing.

STEP ONE: Bonacci Method Sessions. A chiropractic adjustment is often not enough for chronic pain. We make sure the muscles, connective tissue and nerves are aligned as well, to assist the joint staying in place. If a patient prefers to skip the adjustment, RegenAlign™ is a great choice — it doesn’t involve high velocity adjustments at all. We use a gentle, long-lever, joint motion mobilization technique to align the joint. Most patients will need 4-12 sessions before alignment is stable.

STEP TWO: Empowerment. After the initial visit with Dr. Bonacci, the patient must take a hard look at their own diet, exercise and lifestyle. Cereal and coffee for breakfast doesn’t cut it for a pain patient. Studying the Bonacci Method approved dietary guidelines will begin a real path to change. The cells in the body need nourishment and anti-inflammatory foods. The cells need to be flooded with oxygen and forced to detoxify by exercising regularly. If the pain patient’s lifestyle has been reduced to sitting on the couch for long periods indoors, a new habit of taking a walk around the block each evening might be embraced. Small changes make a big difference. This critical step is the responsibility of the patient and requires a commitment, or the whole program could fail. It’s a holistic picture.

STEP THREE: Feldenkrais Method®. As the healing progresses, the body is more receptive to stimulus such as exercise and lifestyle changes, and can begin proper cellular healing and decrease inflammation. Once Dr. Bonacci approves the patient’s alignment is stable, the patient will begin Functional Integration® sessions with physical therapist Jeanne Hills, the only PT in the state who is certified in Feldenkrais. The gentle exercises re-train the brain to move properly and freely, with the ease and grace of a child, replacing bad habits with good ones. These sessions will last from 8-20 sessions. Dr. Bonacci might feel that RegenAlign™ sessions are also needed during this time, if alignment seems unstable.

Maintenance Visits: By the time the pain is gone, the patient will have a keen sense of our therapy techniques, and each patient can help create their own maintenance protocol. Some patients will drop in twice a month for a 15-minute RegenAlign™ session with Dr. Bonacci, while others will want to see Jeanne occasionally for an hour of Functional Integration®.

Hesitant to jump in? Maybe you feel this way…
“But I just want to go to the PT clinic that’s closer to my
house, and covered by my insurance!”

Epic Fail: Many severe pain patients do not feel relief with “traditional” chiropractic and physical therapy. When initial treatments fail, conditions get worse and treatment escalates in cost and risk. If you follow the current standard medical protocol, there is an excellent chance you will end up on opioids facing surgery decisions. However, if you educate yourself and analyze ALL the options, rather than just the ones given to you by one doctor — who is just one person — you will almost certainly be able to create a plan that will bring you out of pain.

The three complaints about other practitioners
that we hear most are…
“The treatment helped but the results did not last long.”
“The treatment did not help at all.”
“The treatment made things worse.”

Success: The Bonacci Method’s Three-Step program is designed to overcome these three complaints. Even in the most extreme cases, we are almost always able to help, it’s just a matter of how much. In fact, most of our patients experience immediate and lasting relief in 4-6 visits. In extreme cases 8-12 visits. Simple-to-follow home care recommendations and affordable supportive care with RegenAlign™ once every 2-5 weeks will prevent pain and cost less money in the long run.

Educate yourself: We thoroughly educate patients on both medical and holistic treatment options. Ultimately it is the patient’s decision as to what treatment they think is most appropriate. We try to give you the tools necessary to make that decision.