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My entire life has been spent as an athlete. I was a highly regarded amateur baseball player. I was selected as a pitcher for Team USA three times from 2006 through 2009. In my amateur career, I attended Horizon High School where we won two 5A state championships. I attended Oregon State on a full scholarship to play baseball. After my junior year I was drafted by the Chicago Cubs and played in the minor league from 2010 to 2013. I suffered a labrum tear in my throwing shoulder which made playing a very painful experience. This injury ending up cutting my career short. After my baseball injury I turned my passion to golf and turned professional in 2014. I earned my Asian tour card in 2015 playing courses all around the world. Recently I made the decision to make a comeback to baseball and am currently building my arm strength back up and will hopefully sign a professional contract in Japan. NPB is similar to MLB. During this process I have been training with Driveline Baseball to build velocity. This high-impact training, although very beneficial, made my shoulder pain creep back. After receiving several different treatments from different physical and massage therapists throughout the valley, including a highly regarded performance training facility, and not having much success, I called Dr. Bonacci at Arizona Pain & Posture. Four years ago I had seen Dr. Bonacci for pain in my wrist that would not get better; after two visits it was gone and I was able to return to golf without pain. In all honesty it had been a total game changer then, so I returned to have him work on my shoulder. After one session using the Bonacci Method to unlock my neck joints and muscles in my shoulder, I was able to pitch pain-free. I would recommend this treatment to any athlete who has been dealing with chronic pain or overuse injury before trying surgery. It has allowed me to reach my peak performance with zero pain for the first time in ten years. Thanks a lot, Dr. Bonacci!

— Kevin Rhoderick, pro baseball player and pro golfer

I have been referring acute and chronic complicated injury and pain patients for more than 15 years to Dr. Marc Bonacci, simply because he gets excellent outcome results in patients that have previously failed to respond optimally to physical therapy or chiropractic. Dr. Bonacci’s approach is designed not to increase the patient’s pain cycle, which when treating chronic pain patients is an important goal of treatment.

Additionally, he presents patients with an understanding of the condition, posture and health and wellness options they can execute at home which allows for longer-lasting results from treatment. Patients are less likely to “climb the ladder” and increase medications or undergo more invasive procedures. Ultimately he helps patients gain independence and the ability to better manage their own pain and injuries.

I have encouraged Dr. Bonacci to protect his method, as the technique he performs is quite effective in treating a variety of chronic and complicated musculoskeletal and nerve-related pain complaints.

— Steve Fanto, M.D., P.C.
Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
​Board Certified in Pain Medicine

As a practicing medical pain management physician, I have, for several years now, been referring patients to Dr. Marc Bonacci when one or more of the following concerns were evident.

  1. General asymmetric de-conditioning
  2. Poor awareness of functional posturing
  3. Aggravated sleep deprivation
  4. Mood changes related to functional deterioration
  5. More unexplainable pain
  6. Failure of medications to adequately assist the patient for daily life

Dr. Bonacci is motivating for these kinds of patients both in the mind/body therapies and also in the field of integrative energy therapy. I usually explain to patients upon referral, that they are going for S.I.T. therapy, and when they ask in amusement what this is about, I say it is an acronym for Sensory Integration Therapy; the mind and body have to connect to healing energies. If there is discord, some docs just have a knack for tipping the balance in favor of healing. Dr. Bonacci has this. It is based not only on knowledge and experience but also on the application to specific individuals. Each person has a healing journey and often needs special help on correcting the path toward improved function, less pain and general overall well being. I have seen this happen over and over again when the right referral is made.

— Michael W. Loes M.D., M.D.(H)
Former director of the Arizona Pain Institute, Sierra Pain Consulting and Alternative to Meds Center in Sedona, AZ.

I have been struggling with shoulder pain for the past 15 years. After having 2 kids it has been getting worse. I have seen several orthopedists and was told it is bursitis and I can either get steroid injections or do surgery — neither of which seemed appealing. I have been to physical therapy that prompted me to exercise and strengthen my core which has helped with my overall health but helped my shoulder pain minimally. I have tried relaxation techniques with yoga which would help only for a little. I finally met Dr. Bonacci and decided to try his therapy. I have felt amazing improvement in the pain level after 3-4 visits. I still need to stretch and keep up with exercises but I have never been pain-free for this long. I also feel that I have better range of motion of my neck and shoulder. I have been treating patients with pain for a while and have not seen an approach so encompassing and effective. I recommend Dr. Bonacci to my patients and family.

— Tamara Zach, M.D., Pediatric Neurology, Banner Health

I am 72 years old this year and I have used chiropractic as an important part of my health care for about 30 years, with great results. In my mid 60s I started to develop acute lower back pain. As a life time golf enthusiast, back pain was a condition I did not want to become chronic. Each incident or “blow-out” of my back sidelined me for two to four weeks and weakened me.

I aggressively pursued prolo therapy, chiropractic, myo-practic, deep tissue massage, yoga, stretching, walking, acupuncture, muscle release training, herbal supplements, Rolfing, anti-inflammatory medicine, posture, etc. I changed my home and my car to something more ergonomic. I added new furniture for taller people. Whatever I could try I did, with no consideration of surgical options that I found too risky and of too little predictable benefit.

In a nutshell, I got worse. Progressively worse.

Through all the work and therapy, I learned something. I wasn’t going to quickly and easily recover from the difficulties I was experiencing, but left unchecked I was probably not going to enjoy my senior years as much as I had planned. Golf was probably out of the question.

My experience and instinct told me chiropractic was effective in helping me recover from incidents with my back. I wondered if it could help me prevent them. I shifted my focus to “prevention.” I wondered if regular adjustments would help me eliminate the “blow-outs” and put me on a better course. However, I first had to regain some freedom of movement, which had been widely eroded during the continuing series of “blow-outs” and “repairs.”

When I went to Dr. Bonacci I was searching for a chiropractor who would listen to me and one who could help me sustain a consistent leg length. I had come to realize that when my leg length was equal, I did not have back issues and that the length could be adjusted to “normal” simply and easily by a chiropractor. In my search I visited with several chiropractors who simply didn’t accept this measurement as meaningful relative to my back health. I simply moved on and continued my search. When I met with Dr. Bonacci and explained my goals, he instantly understood what I was hoping to achieve, and I think agreed with the concept.

Dr. Bonacci began treating and examining me on a regular basis and I began to make progress in re-integrating my back and related functions to a healthier condition. In his consistent care I started to realize that “soft tissue” work seemed to aggravate the problems in my back. We began to limit the work to just spinal care, seeking to hold the length and balance between my left and right sides. It worked to some degree, but I was still having blow-outs of my back and wasn’t stable for periods of even 10 days most of the time.

When Jeanne Hills joined Dr. Bonacci, bringing her knowledge of Feldenkrais, I signed up immediately. In just a few weeks I learned from a Jeanne a program that I now perform every morning with joy. I felt better from the first day, making it easy to stick with the program. After one year I am stronger, more flexible, have better balance and endurance than I have enjoyed in many years.

When I had fully integrated Jeanne’s teachings I started scheduling appointments with Dr. Bonacci for every two weeks. We both felt that would be enough. I was getting stronger and younger, but I still would blow-out my back every other month or so between appointments. Dr. Bonacci and I discussed this, and we changed to every 10 days. Again, some improvement and deferral of blow-outs, but not the prevention I was really seeking.

About a year ago, I suggested to Dr. Bonacci that I come in every week for a “check-up.” Perhaps we could see any shifts in process and continue to remind my spine how it was to behave as I continued my work with Jeanne’s Feldenkrais work.

The past year has been a dream come true. I visit Dr. Bonacci every Monday (or nearly if holidays and things interfere) and he checks my alignment. Many weeks now I am pretty “clean,” and he can fine tune me in just a few minutes. Sometimes, it takes a bit more care. This has worked. I have had a couple minor incidents in the past 12 months but avoided the blow-outs that have haunted me. At the same time, my confidence has grown to where I have played golf or hit golf balls as many as five days in a week several times in the past few months. It’s amazing.

So, we have built a lasting doctor/patient relationship totally on “prevention.” That was the goal and we found it through dedicated trial and error. I need the weekly monitoring to avoid blow-outs. It works because we found the frequency of care necessary for me to be able to live with my aging body and still enjoy my life.

I believe this relationship is a model for chiropractic care for any patient with a near chronic issue. There is not much anyone can do for us once we have a blow-out, but true consistent monitoring in combination with a great physical therapy program at home yields days and days of feeling great and eliminates the loss of mobility, freedom and most importantly, maximizes the number of days I can enjoy life. While we all talk about prevention, we wait till we hurt to get help. I have learned, and I think proven, that an approach that embraces true “preventive” care is a better and even more economical pattern. We might pay for the weekly visits, but we are buying more time for ourselves to enjoy life free from pain. I don’t know how you value that, but to me it was priceless.

I explain my experience this way. I believe my weekly check-ups, and the modest adjustments needed weekly, prevent the accumulation of mis-alignment that leads to more significant problems as I play golf, have dinner, or whatever. Most days when I go to my weekly check-up, I now feel fine. But Dr. Bonacci almost always notices a shift that if left alone would lead to my deeper problems. He fixes those and I am off again. Less irritation, reduced problems. We just don’t let them build-up and do damage. In other words, if my leg length is a mess for long enough, something bad will happen. We now prevent that from occurring through weekly adjustment. My Feldenkrais work reinforces Dr. Bonacci’s work and helps me avoid weakness and structural imbalances that also probably contribute to my difficulties. They are a great combination for this approach.

I recommend this same approach to anyone with an acute to chronic back problem. It works and it is true prevention. You may not want to commit the time or money, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how this investment in yourself will pay-off in happiness. I would ask yourself, “What’s a better investment?

— David B.

For two years, I suffered with pain and I had seen more than 15 different Chiropractors in AZ with little to no help at all for my low back and SI joint. After just one visit to Dr. Bonacci my pain was gone! He is amazing, the ONLY chiropractor that combines his knowledge of the joints with his knowledge of the muscles to put your body back in place and get the muscles to keep you there! If I could give this man 10 stars I would. My daughter is a college division 1 scholarship athlete, having issues with her left shoulder from golf, she too has seen so many doctors that I can’t keep track. Dr. Bonacci is the ONLY doctor that has made her pain go away and helped her get back to 100%. Go see him, you have nothing to lose except your pain!!!

— Frank M.

Dr. Marc Bonacci of Arizona Pain and Posture is an amazing, intuitive and gifted doctor who takes a sincere interest in each of his patients. He is the perfect balance of Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, and Naturopathic Healer. Dr. Bonacci has his signature self-taught therapy techniques that encompass manual maneuvering of the muscles and soft tissue, stretching and decompression, and aligning one’s structure through painless manipulations. There are no painful crunches in this office! When someone relieves your chronic pain, you find that you don’t have enough time and space to express fully how much you appreciate them. I have suffered a long time with various chronic painful issues. There is not a pain that Dr. Bonacci doesn’t know how to reach. He even adjusted my bite and mouth when I complained of TMJ. I will give my personal face to face recommendation if need be. I urge you to visit just once, and then you will understand what a difference Dr. Bonacci can make in your life.

— Cheryl W.

Very comfortable with Dr. Bonacci and his Assistant, Holly. Never thought I’d go to a chiropractor for treatment. He takes the time to teach you about what is going on with your body and how to correct it… even referring you to others if necessary. I would recommend him to anyone living with pain before seeing a surgeon. I wish I had known about him before I had had failed surgeries. Many thanks to him and Holly!

— Gail P.

I have been going to Arizona Pain & Posture for an injury that I had while serving in Afghanistan and they have been very instrumental in my recovery before and after surgery that I had on my cervical.

— Bill G.

Dr. Bonacci, I would like you to know how much I appreciate the valuable and one-of-a-kind treatment that I received from you in the weeks leading up to my seventh marathon. I was lead to your practice after a friend held you in high regard with your ability to remedy so many of his physical ailments. Having had unsuccessful diagnoses and multiple rounds of physical therapy for all things related to my passion for running, I nearly gave up on any attempt to find a doctor that practiced alternative modes of therapy that have been proven to be as effective (if not more) as traditional modes. Upon gaining immediate alleviation of persistent leg pain within one visit, I became confident that this type of treatment would benefit me in ways that previous ones had failed. I am happy to report that I ran a personal best for my most recent marathon, with a time of 3:13:25! I firmly believe that your efforts and expertise made this possible.

— Lindsay J. Travnicek, MS, RD

I am a female in my mid-forties, and out of nowhere my left shoulder began acting up and movement was restricted. During the holidays it progressed dramatically so I went directly to the chiroprator I was seeing. He ordered an MRI and it said that I had rotator cuff tendonitis that was on the way to frozen shoulder. At this point I had only about 15% motion. I started a rigorous treatment schedule with this practitioner and it was EXTREMELY painful. The appointments would bring me to tears and I found it hard not to shout out in pain and he was trying to manipulate and “free up” my shoulder. After a few months of this, my physical medicine and rehab physician suggested that I see Dr. Bonacci instead. I am so glad that I did! Right away Dr. Bonacci determined that the cause was actually stemming from my neck. Once he decompressed my neck, we could passively work on increasing the range of motion in my shoulder. (The key word here is “passively,” i.e. no pain!) The difference in the approach was amazing and the proof was that within the first two months my range of motion improved to about 85% motion. He looks at teh patient in a very integrative way, using multi-modal approaches. Whether it’s a mix of E-stim, massage, working out with weights in his office, showing me exercises to do at home, manipulation, decompression, supplements, etc. He is a dedicated and caring practitioner and whatever works, he is open to pursuing.

— Christine L.

A very heartfelt thank you to Dr. Bonacci and his team for a quick and lasting recovery. After 25 years of chronic pain, I thought no one could help. On my first session with Dr. Bonacci I noticed significant relief. I have gone through years of testing, imaging, physical therapies and multiple surgeries to alleviate chronic abdominal pain. When surgery did not relieve the persistent pain, I was sure nothing could help. My pain specialist, Dr. Steve Fanto, M.D., referred me to Dr. Bonacci. Realizing that the source of my pain was soft tissue damage to the abdomen and postural stress was complicating the pain, Dr. Bonacci began his body work. After completing a short treatment plan my pain was completely resolved and I was able to return to my active lifestyle. Well done, Team Bonacci.

— Kevin G.

I am a 30-year-old, healthy, athletic women. After 5 years of suffering from severe, chronic, left-sided upper back, neck and arm pain, I was ready to get surgery, even though I did not want to. I had three MRIs, painful nerve testing and saw two medical doctors, three physical therapists and then two chiropractors. Not only did the visits not help, some of them made me worse. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Bonacci by my pain specialist M.D., for another try at physiotherapy. After a thorough examination, Dr. Bonacci explained that when I injured my left upper back it damaged all the parts in the area. Since the accident the parts have not been able to heal because they were no longer in the correct place. My ligaments, muscles and joints were all stressed out causing continued nerve damage and severe pain. He combined skilled manual therapy and gentle chiropractic treatments and in three visits I began to see a significant decrease in pain and increase in range of motion and strength. He continued to work slowly with me, not to increase my pain. His treatment plan has been so successful that I am now 85% pain free. We are currently increasing specific exercises to continue the progress we have made. He has also given me the ability to care for my condition at home, which has allowed me to return to an active lifestyle without flare-ups.

— Sarah S.

I am a 48-year-old retired bartender. I suffered from low-back pain for over 15 years. I have seen medical doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors and been put on traction machines and had injections, but have only gotten minimal temporary relief from their treatments. All I knew, I was suffering from severe chronic pain from disc bulges in my low back and no one could help. No one ever told me how disc bulges develop and that posture and health is part of the problem. Dr. Bonacci explained that we need to get the parts moving again so the body can heal itself and the pain will go away. Sure enough, after 12 visits I am 95% pain free. Now I am able to properly care for myself and my disc problems. I have returned to an above-average active lifestyle and see Dr. Bonacci monthly to assure proper muscle and joint alignment. Thanks again, Dr. Bonacci.

— Anonymous

I am a 28-year-old male that was in an auto accident two years ago. After over 50 chiropractic visits and 6 months at physical therapy I still had severe neck pain. Dr. Bonacci applied a variety of manual techniques and worked with me until he found the right response. Now I am able to play with my kids and go to the gym weekly.
— Anonymous

I fell and hurt my tailbone two years ago. No treatments were helping so I went to my gynecologist. She referred me to a pain specialist who referred me to Dr. Bonacci. He did no heavy cracking or invasive procedures. After eight visits my pain was gone and I was able to sit down and get back to the gym without any pain.

— Karen C.

Best office ever! They always make me feel so much better.

— Angle K.

Excellent experience provided by everyone from the front desk, the assistants, and of course the amazing Dr. B. He pinpointed my issues and effectively treated my pain, with the help of a great team. Highly recommended.

— Amber R.

I loved the service! Thank you for everything you have done for me!

— Karen F.

I had pain that no other doctor I went to could diagnose. Marc had me pain-free in five visits. I can not recommend using his services enough. Just go and be impressed.

— Paul B.

Outstanding treatment by personally attentive professionals!
— Wayne D.

I am the daughter of a chiropractor. Since my dad has passed, it has been challenging to find a chiropractor that could meet my expectations… until I met Dr. Marc Bonacci. I went to Dr. Bonacci with some major neck and shoulder issues that no one – including chiropractors, acupuncturists and other healthcare practitioners – had been able to provide sustainable relief. Dr. Bonacci treated me with his Regenerative Alignment Therapy. I was desperate to get better so I followed all of his recommendations. The treatment plan included regular adjustments, adjunct therapy, massage therapy, daily stretches and exercises. With the severity of my injury, it tool a few months to get completely relief. It has been about six months since my first visit. I am thrilled to be free of pain and back to my normal activities. I highly recommend you see Dr. Marc Bonacci for any and all of your chiropractic care.

— Kathy C.

I cannot recommend AZ Pain & Posture more highly. After breaking my back in 2014 I was referred by the natural doctor I was seeing to Dr. Bonacci. He was very caring and very gentle and knew exactly how to treat me. Yes he is a Chiropractor but does not practice traditional stack-em and crack-em style of chiropractic medicine. He and his staff are very professional and I personally have referred at least four patients to him. I will always turn to Dr. Bonacci first when needed.
— Louise D.

Dr. B is The Absolute BEST! A gifted healer and active listener, he cares about each patient as a whole person and gives them his undivided attention. Most of all, he knows how to read and relax his patients to gently allow the body to find its own natural alignment. He guides each patient to honor themselves as a whole being and give them the optimum benefit of his healing.
— Sheryl D.

If you think you have tried everything, you haven’t. I am 45 years old. I hurt my back as a teenager loading trucks. For 27 years, there is nothing I haven’t tried. As a salesman now, I am on my feet all day. The pain was non-stop. Then I was referred to Dr. Bonacci. I felt relief from my first visit. Remember, like you I had tried it all, and been promised it all. This is the first time I got the relief I was promised. Every visit I feel better and better. I started playing golf again for the first time in years. My sales have literally doubled since I started seeing Dr. Bonacci. Do not put off getting better, do not live like I did for the better part of my life. Go see Dr. Bonacci, and live like I do now. Thank you Dr. Bonacci!

— David S.

I spent over $100,000 on alternative therapies at other offices before I found Dr.Bonacci. Looking back almost 2 years later, I can definitely say that his treatment has helped the most.

— Suzanne W.

Dr. B and Holly helped me to prevent having surgery!!! THAT IS REMARKABLE. Besides that, my back and neck issues are now workable just by going in once a month or so for treatment.

— Roxanne L.

I have enjoyed my therapy as the people are very professional and very qualified. They have helped me tremendously. — Cynthia M.

Loved it! Knowledgeable staff! Friendly and caring… never felt rushed. Highly recommend them!

— Jeri H.

Great service! The staff is very concerned on how you feel and your well being.

— Valerie S.

I loved it! The office appears to be run smoothly. The staff members clearly know their jobs and are talented at those jobs. The medical service delivery was excellent.

— Jeanne S.

I’ve been fortunate to have the help of Dr. Bonacci for many of my issues of arthritis, sports injuries and chronic pain in the past two years. He has a unique ability to pinpoint areas of inflammation while locating their origin. Each visit has provided me with less pain and renewed mobility. The supporting staff has also been very accommodating, timely and professional. I have and will continue to refer his services to all friends and family suffering from any kind of pain. I highly recommend you consider his practice if you too are in need of qualified, solutions-driven pain management.

— Eric W.