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Patients Love New Physical Medicine Program

Hello Friends!

All of you on this email list have been a patient at our clinic in one manner or another — with our vastly experienced physical therapist Jeanne Hills for Feldenkrais, or with me for the Bonacci Method. Most of you have seen both of us, and we appreciate every one of you!

You already know that our clinic is different; we move to our own beat and provide specific therapy methods that can’t be found elsewhere. Even our version of Feldenkrais is unusual because it includes Bonacci Method manual techniques. We have created our own personal rhythm for solving pain issues, and it works.

We now have a new physical medicine program, about which we are very excited because it means saving money for our patients while still providing high-quality care. We listened to you!

We now have manual therapists extensively trained in the Bonacci Method. This means an initial visit can now be scheduled with a therapist instead of me or Jeanne, and the price is about a third of an initial visit with me.

Your entire initial visit will be with a therapist, and this therapist will be able to do an initial assessment, prepare a treatment plan, and execute the plan with Bonacci Method manual therapy and Feldenkrais-derived exercises at each visit.

This is a cash-only plan and we cannot accept insurance in this regard. However, you will find the pricing structure to be flexible and reasonable.

We are charging $25 for each 15-minute increment. We have created this option with your finances in mind, knowing that some folks only need 15 minutes while others want an hour.

We realize that insurance companies are making it harder to get high-quality treatment, and we also realize that a visit with a doctor or physical therapist can be expensive, so we have developed this alternative.

This program is also a perfect wellness option. Once your acute or chronic pain is alleviated, join our Wellness Club and keep your body always aligned, preventing major problems and saving you money in the long run.

If for any reason you feel your needs are not being met, you always have the option of scheduling with me or Jeanne. A more complicated case might require this transition. Whatever is needed, our goal is to get our patients completely out of pain, permanently.

Like the sound of the new physical medicine program? Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our medical massage therapists trained in the Bonacci Method! 480-585-0252

If you have a friend or family member who is suffering with any type of pain, please send them this email! We can help!

With gratitude and hope,

Marc Bonacci, DC, PMMTP

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