What’s the difference between a spa massage and a therapeutic massage?

While a spa massage feels good and has benefits, a therapeutic massage offers much more. The main difference is the focus — a typical massage therapist is thinking mainly about muscles and their goal is to knead out the knots in the muscles. With a standard therapeutic massage, therapists are often focused on the fascia, which is the connective tissue that runs throughout the muscles. Breaking up tight fascia can definitely help relieve pain and improve posture. We take it a step further. We train our massage therapists to do both of those things, but also to align the nerve lines that travel throughout the body. They are taught to avoid heavy work on areas that have many nerve lines converging, and they are taught how to manipulate those areas to free up the “caught” nerves. 

Nerves are what register pain in the brain. Nerve lines run from the brain down the spine and out to the extremities. Anywhere along these complex paths, there can be tight muscles, tight fascia, or an injury that is causing the nerve to register pain. We focus on manipulating nerves — not just along the spine and neck, but throughout the entire body.

Our massage practitioners use our technique called RegenAlign: The Bonacci Method of Regenerative Alignment™, a recent advancement in the fields of manual therapy, massage, and pain management. It is a cost-effective solution for acute, chronic, and complex pain that improves posture while decreasing pain.

The gentle technique is extremely effective for unusual or difficult-to-diagnose pain situations. There is no expensive initial visit — all visits are the same price. Patients can pay cash in affordable 15-minute increments, as needed for pain.
Dr. Bonacci practices the same technique and takes months to train the massage therapists one-on-one until they master the protocol. There is always the option to see Dr. Bonacci, who is available for guidance on urgent or unresponsive pain. Patients are always offered a free consultation with Dr. Bonacci, along with exercises and home-care guidance to keep the pain away.
Clothed massage allows therapists to read posture accurately during their assessment by the drape of their garments. Additionally, clothed massage provides a professional comfort level for patients. The sessions are affordable, safe, and effective with no commitment.
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