Raw Honey

I bet you’re thinking I’m going to give you a dessert recipe involving raw honey, or list the benefits raw honey provides your body internally. Nope. I want you to wash your face with it.

Commercial cleansers can be drying, irritating, pore-clogging, chemical-laden, and just downright confusing at times with too many choices. Here is a natural, inexpensive and effective way to cleanse your face. This idea is not new, by the way. For thousands of years honey has been used for cleansing purposes because in its raw form it contains alive bacteria and enzymes that work against harmful bacteria.

Raw honey is a healing substance. It has been shown to heal wounds, burns, skin irritations and acne, as well as lessen scars. Raw honey is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. By demolishing irritating pathogens, raw honey also prevents future infections.

When you wash with honey, the sugars act as humectants and emollients, reducing dryness. It regulates your pH with its slight acidity, promoting tissue healing and regeneration. It contains nutrients, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and probiotics that fortify the environment of the skin. Last, antioxidants destroy any free radicals on the surface, neutralizing blemishes and warding off wrinkles.

To wash with raw honey is simple. Dampen a washcloth with warm water and wet your face. Apply small amounts of raw honey onto your skin and gently rub in a circular motion. Let the honey rest on your face as long as you can – anywhere from 3-15 minutes. Last, get the washcloth hot and just let it rest on your face for a minute. Rinse. Your skin should feel soft and hydrated.

The best type of honey to use is Manuka from New Zealand. It is considered the gold standard for honey because of its potency. It contains methyl glycol among other compounds that create unique enzyme activity. It can be expensive, however, so you may want to opt for another good quality local raw honey for every day. Good luck!

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