Private Telemedicine Visits Surge

With the threat of COVID19 still around and protestors taking to the streets, we have had a surge in demand for telemedicine visits. They are less expensive than office visits and can be just as effective.

Dr. Marc Bonacci and Physical Therapist Jeanne Hills have both embraced telemedicine ever since the lockdown began, and even though the stay-at-home order has lifted, some patients are adopting telemedicine permanently.

You may not realize just how much you can get out of a video session with your practitioner on Zoom or FaceTime…

The practitioner can answer all your questions, as usual.

The practitioner can lead you through exercises, as usual.

The practitioner can show you at-home tips customized to your issue, to quickly relieve pain. This is perhaps the biggest value of telemedicine over a regular office visit. The practitioner can see inside your home, and understand first-hand what tools you have to work within order to relieve pain.

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Here’s another insightful testimonial on telemedicine!
“During the COVID19 lockdown I avoided going to the doctor. Knowing the quality of care I received at Arizona Pain & Posture in the past, I decided to try a Telemedicine visit. I had a question about supplements and treatment for knee pain and wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could at home for my spine. After listening to my concerns, Dr. Bonacci offered me excellent direction for home care as well as what to expect through the healing process. He gave me great insight on the different stages of healing. By the end of the conversation I felt less concerned and more positive about my condition, and I was going to do as much as I could at home with lifestyle changes before going in for treatment. We discussed keeping a lookout for possible red flags indicative of a more serious problem. The tips he offered gave me immediate pain relief and better motion. He also reviewed my options for alternative care and potential medical care. It was well worth the time and money I spent. Dr. Bonacci has extensive knowledge and experience with treating and helping patients truly resolve their own chronic pain.” —J.E.

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