Dr. Bonacci has spent the last 20 years doing research on how to most efficiently treat injury and pain patients. Many of these cases start with unresolved issues relating to an auto accident.

If you have recently been injured in an auto accident, the Bonacci Method can quickly and effectively realign your damaged muscles, soft tissue, joints, and nerves, in order to heal properly during your body’s initial rapid healing phase.

If you were injured in the past in an auto accident and your body never healed properly, resulting in chronic pain, the Bonacci Method can help re-train your body into proper posture and alignment, allowing the correct healing to take place. It’s never too late to get the body back on track and begin the path to a pain-free life.

Patients who have not responded well to their initial, sometimes multiple, physical therapy, medical or chiropractic treatments are often later referred to Dr. Bonacci by medical doctors, physiatrists, and other pain management specialists. We get excellent results using the Bonacci Method; our in-depth assessment and multidisciplinary treatment incorporate various therapies and exercise modalities. We target the whole body, realigning the posture to enable an environment for healing to take place.

Auto and personal injuries are always complicated. Dr. Bonacci works one-on-one with his patients to give them the tools they need to understand all the alternative and medical treatment options. He has confidently co-managed multiple cases with prominent holistic and medical doctors to reach the desired outcome. With this type of personalized attention to treatment, patients are given their best chances for success.

Dr. Bonacci likes to follow a simple philosophy when developing a treatment plan: Treatment should move from most organic and least invasive, to less organic and more invasive. In other words, try everything possible to heal properly and naturally from the beginning, and only choose invasive procedures as a last resort. This way the patient is empowered and can mentally move forward with confidence, rather than jumping ahead and having to try to go backward.

After all avenues of treatment have been taken, there is still a large responsibility left for the patient. In most cases, patients who are successful with treatment have also made changes in their lives to maintain their wellness. The number one preventive step is to eat well and exercise.

In a recent cover story in Time magazine titled, “The Exercise Cure,” researchers discuss how exercise is a cure for almost every ailment. Simply put, exercise regenerates all the cells in the body, which essentially cures minor ailments before they become larger ones. It also prevents premature aging and cancer.

Most pain patients will attest that their pain goes away when they exercise, therefore a large part of the Bonacci Method is exercise. As the patient heals, the routine can increase gradually. Dr. Bonacci provides a custom-tailored, detailed exercise regimen for every patient.

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