Dr. Marc Bonacci, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Bonacci loves a challenge. He often calls on doctors in the Valley for referrals, and he says the same thing to each one: “Send me your most difficult patient. The one nobody wants to touch. The one nobody can get better. Watch what happens.” He has confidence in his skills because his success rate is so great. He has developed his own techniques that help him determine the root cause of your pain, from severe leg pain to migraine headaches. Usually the problem with treatment stems from an incorrect diagnosis. Pain in a person’s elbow might actually mean there is a problem with the neck, back or shoulder. Many therapists will automatically treat the elbow, rather than digging deeper into the root cause. There are many other pitfalls that Dr. Bonacci has discovered through his own experience working with chronic pain. If he hasn’t seen your situation yet, he will be eager to dive into your case and begin the path to healing and wellness with you.

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Jeanne Hills, PT, GCFP
Physical Therapist

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Chicago, Medical Center in 1982, Hills has been a physical therapist for more than 35 years. She developed an interest in orthopedic PT and was recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist from 1992-2002 and from 2006-2016. She began to focus on chronic and complex pain, and in 1996 completed four years of training to become a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. The Feldenkrais Method, developed in the 1960s by Israeli physicist and biomechanics engineer Moshe Feldenkrais, uses gentle touch and focused attention to help people learn how to move with less pain and restriction. Hills is passionate about helping people who suffer with pain and movement difficulties regain their lives again. She loves going to musicals with her daughter, playing with their rescue puppy, and going for sushi whenever possible.

Anthony Jarero
Practice Specialist

Live music fans will like to know that Anthony Jarero was the original drummer for local Phoenix band Citrus Clouds. Anthony comes from a strong background in management and strives to work hard and meet patients’ needs to satisfaction. Working at Arizona Pain & Posture, patient care and management is his priority, and any issue that arises, Anthony can be counted on to sort it out. He believes listening and understanding leads to a successful relationship and life. When Anthony is not working he enjoys exercising, playing music, tuning up vehicles and the outdoors.

David Robinson
Master Rolfer

Born in Paradise Valley, Robinson leads the therapy team with his skills and education in myofascial release. Robinson brings more than 15 years of experience to the table, and possesses the ability to transform ailing, broken bodies into their original uncompromised, healthy structure. Robinson received a bachelor’s degree from UC Boulder, and a certified Rolfing degree from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Colorado. Robinson was additionally trained by Master Rolfer Jeffrey Maitland, and worked for several years at well-respected Valley Therapy in Scottsdale before joining the team at Arizona Pain & Posture in 2005.

If you have any kind of pain, from chronic neck pain to lower leg pain, Rolfing may be the answer. Call us and describe your symptoms.

Holly Wolter
Chiropractic Assistant
Manual Therapist

A native of Mesa, Holly Wolter utilizes deep manual work, gently restoring muscles and connective tissue with her magic hands. Wolter graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2006, and methodically honed her technique for six years as a massage therapist at a number of local spas. Wolter joined Arizona Pain & Posture in early 2012. Holly provides TMJ therapy, fibromyalgia treatment, salt massage, chair massage, reflexology and myotherapy. Wolter says, “My family and career are my two passions in life. I love relaxing at home with family and taking road trips. I thrive on treating my patients to a healthy recovery.”

Beth Bonacci
Operations & Communications

With a background as a magazine writer and editor, Beth Bonacci works at Arizona Pain & Posture handling operations and communications. From creating website content and PR campaigns to ensuring patient satisfaction and a harmonious office flow, Beth has her hands in just about everything. Beth has a passion for diet and exercise, and offers free 30-minute nutritional coaching sessions for new patients, as well as free consults on any treatment. Even if you just need encouragement or clarity about dealing with your pain, schedule a free consult with Beth. When she’s not at the office, she’s creating healthy meals for her family, organizing a volunteer art program at school, and spending quality time with her boys. beth@arizonapainandposture.com