It’s Never Too Late – Start Exercising!

You may have heard Dr. Bonacci say, “It takes time for the body to break down, and it takes time to get better.” Everyone today expects a quick fix, but that’s not a reality when it comes to our bodies. Many times chronic pain stems from a gradual decrease in health. In our busy lives, the first thing to drop off the to-do list is exercise. But often that’s how the pain cycle begins – the lack of exercise causes our bodies to slowly break down over time. Once the body has begun to break down, how do we shift back into exercise mode? Gradually.

While you are on the road to recovery, you will probably be coming into the office a few times a week for treatments, where therapists will be stretching you, massaging you, adjusting your spine, and doing manual therapy to help your body heal properly. Dr. Bonacci may give you specific exercises to do at home, to strengthen or stretch a specific area.

At the same time, you can start your own cardiovascular exercise routine, beginning with something that doesn’t cause any pain, and is approved by Dr. Bonacci, like walking or biking. These are both low-impact and will get your heart and lungs pumping, blood flowing, and toxins flushing out through perspiration. Gentle stretches before and after are important as well, in order to maintain a flexible body. As we age we tend to stiffen up, and that’s another part of the deterioration of our youthful healthy bodies. We can hang on to our radiant youth and remain pain-free if we stay strong and flexible.

Dr. Bonacci loves Pilates and yoga. He practices both personally and encourages his patients to do the same – in a safe and gentle way for patients who have injuries. Pilates is excellent for core strength, which in Pilates is referred to as your “powerhouse.” Keeping a strong core is essential to spinal health. When the core is weak, it puts pressure on the vertebrae, and will eventually cause pain. Yoga combines strength, flexibility and balance to promote a healthy body and mind. Yoga should always be practiced with caution, and should never cause pain. When practiced correctly, yoga is an excellent way to keep your neck and spine supple.

Don’t underestimate the power of exercise in your life. Dr. Bonacci and his team can assist your body in its natural healing process, but you need to take charge of your own health and make exercise part of every single day. Get outside and breathe in this beautiful Arizona autumn air, or join in a Pilates or yoga class and get inspired by the people around you. It’s never too late to start exercising.

You can always call our office for a free exercise phone consultation with Dr. Bonacci. 480-585-0252

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