Bonacci Method Presentation

Time: Fridays from 1 pm to 2 pm

Location: Arizona Pain & Posture front lobby

Seating: Limited, please call for an appointment, or click here to fill out an e-mail form

Cost: $50 per person, includes a 10-minute Bonacci Method session

Join us for Dr. Bonacci’s intensive workshop about healing chronic and complicated pain. Learn about the Bonacci Method, as well as how to change your life and decrease your pain. Dr. Bonacci has 18 years of experience treating complex conditions. He uses traditional methods and also has developed his own assessment and treatment approach called The Bonacci Method of Regenerative Alignment, which has been successful with difficult cases.


Dr. Bonacci often speaks on a variety of topics to businesses and associations of all shapes and sizes.


His goal is to empower seniors to take control of their health by educating them on the many options for handling pain besides medication. Healing-oriented therapies. Minimize medications.


  • various gentle manual therapy techniques to align soft tissue and nerves
  • essential oil massage for arthritis pain
  • superfoods to boost nutrition, turmeric supplements for healing
  • Feldenkrais Method – gentle physical therapy
  • specific exercises to create cellular regeneration
  • ergonomics: properly walk with walker, proper posture
  • Fear of falling, balance


“Integrative” medicine means integrating holistic and conventional treatments. So, for example, a person might be able to decrease the amount of pain medication they are taking, if they are also doing acupuncture, maybe massaging essential oils into their painful spots. Even something like cancer can be treated in an integrated manner: It has been shown that patients handle chemotherapy better when they are on a really strong diet with zero sugar intake (because that’s what feeds cancer cells) and given superfoods and high-dose infusions of vitamins at the same time. Integrative medicine is doing a lot with cancer.


Dr. Bonacci spoke at the ISOES ergonomics conference in Chicago over the summer.

In order for ergonomics to be successful, an individual must have proper postural alignment of nerves, soft tissue structures and joints while performing in the workplace. The Bonacci Method of Regenerative Alignment, or RegenAlign™, is a multidisciplinary therapy that accomplishes this efficiently. This technique has been developed through many years of healing chronic and complicated pain patients, and research has shown that the single most important aspect of preventing pain is improving posture. There is a symbiotic relationship of a multidisciplinary treatment approach with the principles and practices of a sound ergonomics program. The Bonacci Method utilizes assessment and treatment techniques found in a variety of overlapping disciplines. The result is increased capacity to function in the workplace, decreased on-the-job injuries, and prevention of pain.


On December 5, The Today Show documented three teen athletes who had suffered injuries and were prescribed opioids for pain. In one instance, a 15-year-old was prescribed three refills of Vicodin. It only takes a week for the body to become physically dependent on opioids.

In every case with these three athletes, by the time they finished their prescriptions, they were hooked. They all said that their doctors didn’t warn them about the highly addictive nature of the drugs. According to federal statistics, four out of five cases of heroin addiction start with prescription medications.

Teen athletes hooked on opioids often graduate to heroin because they are molecularly very similar. A dealer might charge you up to $30 for one pill, but heroin is only $5 for a bag and it gives a stronger high. It’s not a hard leap.

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