Dr. Marc Bonacci, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Bonacci loves a challenge. He often calls on doctors in the Valley for referrals, and he says the same thing to each one: “Send me your most difficult patient. The one nobody wants to touch. The one nobody can get better. Watch what happens.” He has confidence in his skills because his success rate is so great. He has developed his own techniques that help him determine the root cause of your pain, from severe leg pain to migraine headaches. Usually the problem with treatment stems from an incorrect diagnosis. Pain in a person’s elbow might actually mean there is a problem with the neck, back or shoulder. Many therapists will automatically treat the elbow, rather than digging deeper into the root cause. There are many other pitfalls that Dr. Bonacci has discovered through his own experience working with chronic pain. If he hasn’t seen your situation yet, he will be eager to dive into your case and begin the path to healing and wellness with you.

Dr. Marc Bonacci’s clinical approach to treatment is unusual for a chiropractor – and gets results. He blends traditional adjustments with various types of skilled manual therapy. He uses his own methods of testing and treating, which he has developed through extensive experience with pain patients in the past 15 years. His manual therapy is called the Bonacci Method of Regenerative Alignment. In an attempt to heal his patients, rather than simply managing their pain, Bonacci has made great strides in his search for the truth about chronic and complicated pain: from where it stems, and how to beat it.

Dr. Bonacci received his undergraduate degree in 1993 from Regis University in Denver in the honors department, with a major in philosophy and minor in religious studies. He graduated in 1997 from Life Chiropractic College West. He received a license as a chiropractic physician and a certification in physical medicine modalities and therapeutic procedures.

In his early career, Dr. Bonacci gained key experience from a close friend and colleague, David Robinson. Robinson was a master Rolfer at Valley Therapy in Scottsdale. Trained by world-renowned master Rolfer, Jeffrey Maitland, Robinson shared many of his Rolfing massage techniques and assessment tools with Dr. Bonacci, adding an invaluable resource to Bonacci’s arsenal of treatments, especially in working with shoulder pain, hip pain, lower leg pain and upper arm pain.

Dr. Bonacci gained further knowledge working alongside medical doctor and physiatrist Steve Fanto, a leader in the field of chronic pain. As Dr. Fanto referred patients to Dr. Bonacci, patients began getting results where others had failed them. Some had been in pain for many years, and were for the first time feeling relief through Bonacci’s multidisciplinary approach. Soon Dr. Bonacci was routinely treating some of the most complicated pain patients, with collaboration from Dr. Fanto. This learning experience proved to be extremely valuable to Dr. Bonacci because the patients were so severe, it required thinking outside-the-box to achieve results. The relationship between Dr. Fanto and Dr. Bonacci has grown to become a powerful force to combat chronic pain.

Dr. Bonacci has found that all necessary elements in life need to be aligned to establish and maintain one’s health: strong posture, optimal nutrition through healthy diet plans, adequate exercise for strength and flexibility, positive mental health, and a sense of spirituality and recreation. Will a person strive to make positive changes? It takes a great effort to achieve vibrant health and well being.

Dr. Bonacci lives in Scottsdale with his wife and three sons.