Masks? Telemedicine? Our new normal.

You may have read that wearing a mask will not protect you from getting COVID-19. It’s important to understand the way a mask works. It prevents the wearer from projecting their germs outward.

Even if you don’t feel sick, you may be carrying the germs and spreading the virus without realizing it. Wearing a mask protects others from your germs. When we all wear masks, I protect you, and you protect me.

We are now wearing masks at the office and recommend that all the patients do the same. We will be providing beautiful, colorful home-made masks free of charge at the office.

At our office, we are still open for business to help patients who are in severe pain. Most patients, however, are choosing Telemedicine visits with us instead.

Both the Bonacci Method and the Feldenkrais Method are effective over the phone or video chat. In some cases, patients like it better because it’s like a house call. They can get great advice, custom home-care instructions, and perform exercises with the therapists just the way we do it in the office.

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