Our Genes Don’t Control Us

In our modern world, the medical model that has been used for hundreds of years is shifting. Originated with the ideas of Newton, the classic model emphasizes that DNA (genes) are the source of the flow of information through the body, and therefore the traits and quality of one’s life is predetermined by the person’s genes. Life is controlled inside each cell, and manifests in disease outside the cell, according to allopathic philosophy.

Science is discovering some holes in this philosophy, however, when studies are done that remove the DNA from cells. The cells are able to live without any genes. They eat, digest, excrete, respire, move around and communicate with other cells. How is this possible if life is controlled by genes?

Modern cell research is showing that cells may actually be controlled from the outside rather than the inside – by the conditions of their environment – more specifically by electromagnetic fields, also called energy waves. The basic building blocks of our bodies are proteins. All human function happens because of coordinated movements of proteins. Physicists are doing research that shows us how vibrational (energy) waves signal protein movement, which means our environment is controlling the function of our bodies.

The role of energy flowing through the human body is something scientists are still learning about, but it can be determined that our environment affects our health in both positive and negative ways. A person’s genes are not always to blame for chronic pain or disease — more likely it’s a result of environmental stimuli. The stimuli can be changed and the body repaired.

When a pain patient receives manual therapy, for example, the practitioner is changing the energy that’s entering the body. A damaged body that has pain always has blocked areas where the dysfunction is taking place. The therapist restores function by targeting those areas and using manual techniques to release the blockage. The repaired alignment of the connective tissue, muscles and joints allow for the body’s innate intelligence to go to work healing the cells. Allowing the energy to flow freely through the body allows for healing. The body heals itself; the therapist enables it.

At Arizona Pain & Posture we have developed a program called RegenAlign: Regenerative Alignment Therapy, designed specifically for those suffering from chronic and complicated pain. The program is effective in 90 percent of cases, no matter what the physical ailment may be, because the concept of the therapy is based on the science of the body’s innate intelligence and the fact that the cells will heal if given the proper environment and energy. Call Arizona Pain & Posture at 480-585-0252 to make an appointment and begin healing today.

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