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    Back and neck pain reduction
    Increased energy
    Elination of extremity pain
    Better sleep
    Faster recoveries
    Back pain reduction
    Increased energy
    Elination of pain
    Better sleep
    Faster recoveries

Three Steps. We pull patients out of the downward spiral and create positive healing momentum. We chart a unique course for each patient, but they all involve the same three steps.

Our 3-Step Program is designed to be effective in the most extreme and fragile cases involving surgical hardware, arthritis or pinched nerves. The same way we help severe patients is exactly how we treat less severe cases and prevent greater problems from developing.

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3-Step Chronic Pain Program

STEP 1: Bonacci Method (RegenAlign™)

    Dr. Bonacci uses a variety of assessments and manual techniques to free nerves that are compromised by aligning the muscles, connective tissue, nerves and joints. Most patients will need 4-12 sessions for true stability. The RegenAlign™ posture assessment and technique was developed during 20 years of treating severe, acute and chronic, complicated pain and injury conditions. Many of these conditions were unresponsive to prior medical or alternative treatment, yet we found success by creatively combining various manual techniques. By aligning all the structural parts of the body — muscles, fascia, joints and nerves — the body is able to regain motion and improve function, and pain subsides.

STEP 2: Feldenkrais Method

    As stability progresses, the patient will begin 8-12 Functional Integration®️ sessions with physical therapist Jeanne Hills, the only PT in the state certified in Feldenkrais. The gentle exercises re-train the brain to move properly and freely, with the ease and grace of a child, replacing bad habits with good ones. The gentle exercises and manual work relieves pain and improves function.

STEP 3: Wellness Program for Maintenance Visits

    Each patient creates their own maintenance protocol. By maintaining a higher level of wellness, patients avoid extreme pain situations. These visits are less frequent and shorter duration. Throughout this process, the patient must take a hard look at diet and exercise. Cereal and coffee for breakfast doesn’t cut it for a pain patient. The cells in the body need nourishment and anti-inflammatory foods. The cells need to be flooded with oxygen and forced to detoxify by exercising regularly. A new habit of taking a walk around the block each evening might be embraced, as well as getting adequate and quality sleep. This critical step is the responsibility of the patient.

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Marc Bonacci, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Bonacci loves a challenge. He often calls on doctors in the Valley for referrals, and he says the same thing to each one: “Send me your most difficult patient. The one nobody wants to touch. The one nobody can get better. Watch what happens.” He has confidence in his skills because his success rate is so great. He has developed his own techniques that help him determine the root cause of your pain, from severe leg pain to migraine headaches. Usually, the problem with treatment stems from an incorrect diagnosis. Pain in a person’s elbow might actually mean there is a problem with the neck, back or shoulder. Many therapists will automatically treat the elbow, rather than digging deeper into the root cause. There are many other pitfalls that Dr. Bonacci has discovered through his own experience working with chronic pain. If he hasn’t seen your situation yet, he will be eager to dive into your case and begin the path to healing and wellness with you.

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