Feeling sick?

If so, we advise a protocol of supplements to elevate the immune system, many of which can be ordered from Natural Partners through Fullscript. CLICK HERE to sign up: If you order through us, you will receive an automatic discount.

The following protocol was created by Dr. Jen Sosnowski, MD, of MVP Medical Care in North Scottsdale on Scottsdale Rd and Deer Valley Rd. If you would like to learn more about heavily boosting your immune system, you can contact MVP Medical Care at 480-588-7787.

If you are having trouble finding these supplements, MVP carries a supply at their office and may have some available.

Dr. Sosnowski recommends to get plenty of sleep, avoid alcohol and sugar as they deplete the immune system, enjoy some sun, exercise, and wash hands frequently. Stay safe and stay strong!


Vitamin C — 3,000 mg twice or three times daily

Vitamin D — 5,000 IU daily

Zinc — 30 mg daily

Argentyn 23 colloidal silver — anti-viral — take 1-3 TBSP daily

Biocidin LSF — anti-viral — 2-3 pumps under the tongue daily

Oliverex — anti-viral — 2 caps daily

Transfer Factor Mult-Immune Sensitive Version — immune boost

Frankincense — mix 2 drops into coconut oil and rub into feet

Oil of Oregano caps — anti-viral — 3 caps twice daily

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