Dr. Bonacci Trademarks RegenAlign

According to USA Today, more than 100 million American suffer from chronic pain. That’s 40 percent of adults. It’s the leading reason people go to the doctor and costs $635 billion per year – more than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. Throughout the past 20 years, Marc Bonacci, D.C., has been developing his own method to combat chronic pain. He became so good at getting people out of pain – some who have been in pain for decades – he decided to name his therapy and trademark it.

RegenAlign: Regenerative Alignment Therapy™ is a manual therapy technique that developed slowly over time. As a result, Dr. Bonacci earned a reputation among physiatrists and other chronic pain specialists as a doctor who could successfully relieve chronic pain. This is a great feat, because chronic pain patients are largely viewed by the medical world as unable to cure. Most doctors will say the only course of action for chronic pain is medication. Not true.

Dr. Bonacci thought differently and taught himself how to eliminate their pain. His success rate is excellent. RegenAlign™ works. And now that he has it trademarked, he plans to teach others his method in pursuit of his vision to help as many chronic pain patients as possible.

Dr. Bonacci has hundreds of doctor and patient testimonials. Here is one: “ If you think you have tried everything, you haven’t. I am 45 years old. I hurt my back as a teenager loading trucks. For 27 years, there is nothing I haven’t tried. As a salesman now, I am on my feet all day. The pain was non-stop. Then I was referred to Dr. Bonacci. I felt relief from my first visit. Remember, like you I had tried it all, and been promised it all. This is the first time I got the relief I was promised. Every visit I feel better and better. I started playing golf again for the first time in years. My sales have literally doubled since I started seeing Dr. Bonacci. Do not put off getting better, do not live like I did for the better part of my life. Thank you Dr. Bonacci!” —David Smith

RegenAlign™ is a skilled manual therapy technique that involves a specific process for diagnosing and treating. For details on RegenAlign™, look on the homepage at www.arizonapainandposture.com.

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