COVID-19 and Tele-Medicine

“A skeleton crew is the minimum number of personnel needed to operate — such as a business, organization or ship — at its most simple requirements. Skeleton crews are often utilized during an emergency and are meant to keep vital functions operating.” —Wikipedia

Arizona Pain & Posture is still providing care for our acute and chronic pain patients throughout this challenging time, using the minimum number of employees.

Remember, stress and fear cause pain and illness. The immune system becomes compromised. Our emotions are reflected in our bodies. Stay strong, stand tall, and if you are having pain and anxiety, call us.

We are seeing patients one-on-one, minimizing contact, and maintaining a sterile environment.

We can also provide TELE-MEDICINE and talk you through pain relief over the phone. This is a perfect option for those who prefer their own homes. Please call the office for the details. Dr. Bonacci has many at-home tools in his toolbox to guide you through pain relief over the phone or on a video call. If you are seeing Jeanne Hills, PT, she can also provide Feldenkrais exercises over the phone and bill your insurance as usual.

Please reach out to us. We are here for you. Stay healthy.

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