Do you suffer from Global Neural Tension™?

Do you have unrelenting, mysterious pain — and no MD, DC or PT has been able to help? Have you endured multiple medical procedures — climbing the ladder with medications — and are still suffering? You may have GNT™.

An estimated 40 percent of Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain or Global Neural Tension™. (Also called Global Neural Strain™ or GNS™)

GNT can send pain anywhere in the body. Common areas include: head, eye, face, jaw, neck, back, under shoulder blades, arm, leg, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, foot, abdomen, groin, rib cage and chest.

This is how GNT develops: Think of it as a “double-crush.” This means the same nerve lines are being compromised in more than one area.

When multiple areas of the nerve line are blocked, it puts tension on the nervous system. The nervous system is like hot coils creating an electrical network for the body. This multi-pronged tension causes the nervous system to relay pain anywhere in the body, and does not respond easily to traditional treatment.

Pain may be: radiating, intermittent, shooting, sharp, stabbing, aching, burning, itching, pressure, swelling, tightness, twitching, tenderness, weakness, numbness, belly pain, internal pain, indescribable discomfort, difficulty controlling muscles or decreased range of motion.

Solve GNT with our 3-Step Pain Program

We solve GNT using a targeted approach that aligns, relaxes and releases the nervous system. We use two techniques that are gentle and effective in restructuring the connective tissue, nerves, muscles and joints in the whole body.

STEP 1: Bonacci Method (RegenAlign™). A variety of assessments and manual techniques are utilized to free compromised nerves by aligning the muscles, connective tissue, nerves and joints. Most patients will need 4-12 sessions for enduring stability. The RegenAlign™ posture assessment and technique was developed during 20 years of treating severe, acute and chronic, complicated pain and injury conditions. Many of these conditions were unresponsive to prior medical or alternative treatment, yet we found success by creatively combining various manual techniques. By aligning all the structural parts of the body — muscles, fascia, joints and nerves — the body is able to regain motion and improve function, and pain subsides.

STEP 2: Physical Therapy. Based on the Feldenkrais Method®️ of Somatic Education, this exercise approach is different from traditional physical therapy, and is designed to stabilize the realignment in Step 1. Jeanne Hills, PT, GCFP, is one of the few PT and Feldenkrais practitioners in the Phoenix area, and the only one treating full-time in a clinic who can bill insurance. The gentle exercises retrain the brain to move properly and freely, with the ease and grace of a child, replacing bad habits with good ones.

STEP 3: Wellness Program for maintenance visits. Each patient creates their own maintenance protocol. By maintaining a higher level of wellness, patients avoid extreme pain situations. These visits are less frequent and shorter duration. Throughout this process, the patient must take a hard look at diet and exercise. The cells in the body need nourishment and anti-inflammatory foods. The cells need to be flooded with oxygen and forced to detoxify by exercising, and it is mandatory to get adequate, high-quality sleep. This critical final step is the responsibility of the patient.

Experience Awareness Through Alignment™

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