The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle and effective technique created by European scientist and martial artist Moshe Feldenkrais in the 1950s, after a repetitive knee injury left him facing surgery.

Instead, he developed an incredible high-end technique used today by everyone from professional athletes and dancers toregular folks with good old fashioned neck and back pain. In fact, it can help for every type of physical pain you can imagine.

The technique repairs connections between the motor cortex and the body by retraining movement patterns. The method is based on the principles of neurology, physics and physiology. Feldenkrais eliminates the bad habits in movement that often create pain, replacing them with new, good habits.

At our office, Jeanne Hills, licensed physical therapist, teaches the gentle Feldenkrais movements, which are then practiced by the patient at home. As the brain and nervous system are trained to move properly, new muscle memory is created, posture is improved, and pain disappears.

Jeanne’s motto is, “Don’t move into more pain!” Physical Therapy has a general reputation as being painful — not at our office. Jeanne takes a meditative approach, allowing muscle tension to release and movement to increase gradually. The movements should be slow and easy, staying within the patient’s pain constraints.

Feldenkrais improves posture, coordination, flexibility and athletic movement. Patients ofany age can benefit from this method. We have incredible success with pain patients using the Feldenkrais Method.

Note: Most insurance plans cover physical therapy. If you have had trouble getting chiropractic coverage in the past, think about coming in to see Jeanne for physical therapy instead. Call your insurance company to see if your covered.

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