The Bemer is a body-length, comfortable pad containing copper coils that conduct a specific pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF). Our bodies respond instantly to the frequency, stimulating cells to function properly and blood to flow properly.

The Bemer utilizes advanced technology, and even NASA has an agreement with Bemer to develop a garment to help astronauts endure the stress of outer space despite the lack of gravity.

This technology heightens the function of cells in the body, increasing circulation, which results in a number of benefits, including rapid recovery and elimination of discomfort.

Bemer Enhances:

Nutrient and oxygen supply Waste disposal
Cardiac function Physical fitness
Endurance, strength, energy Concentration and mental acuity
Stress reduction and relaxation
Sleep management

The circulatory system ensures the survival of the organism by facilitating metabolism in every cell. Blood transports nutrients, carries oxygen, and moves waste. Blood also distributes hormones and immune cells, as well as other signaling molecules. It controls our energy production which in turn controls physical and mental performance. Cells rely on blood to perform all functions.

Most people have sluggish blood. The red blood cells can get clumped together and end up traveling slowly and functioning poorly.

Under a microscope this can be seen clearly. After a Bemer session, the blood shows that it moves freely and the red blood cells have freed themselves to move around individually, flowing easily through the capillaries. Circulation is improved and the body can recover faster, alleviating discomfort.

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