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At Arizona Pain & Posture, we focus on acute, chronic, and complicated pain situations. The majority of our patients are referred by medical pain management doctors and orthopedic surgeons, as well as other patients that have found amazing success with our unique treatment.

Most of our patients have tried multiple physical therapy, chiropractic, or other alternative or medical treatments and for one reason or another, were non-responsive to care or were unable to achieve lasting results. These are the patients we successfully treat on a daily basis.

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We do free consultations and we accept workers compensation.

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Meet Dr. Bonacci

Dr. Bonacci loves a challenge. He often calls on doctors in the Valley for referrals, and he says the same thing to each one: “Send me your most difficult patient. The one nobody wants to touch. The one nobody can get better. Watch what happens.” He has confidence in his skills because his success rate is so great. He has developed his own techniques that help him determine the root cause of your pain, from severe leg pain to migraine headaches. Usually the problem with treatment stems from an incorrect diagnosis. Pain in a person’s elbow might actually mean there is a problem with the neck, back or shoulder. Many therapists will automatically treat the elbow, rather than digging deeper into the root cause. There are many other pitfalls that Dr. Bonacci has discovered through his own experience working with chronic pain. If he hasn’t seen your situation yet, he will be eager to dive into your case and begin the path to healing and wellness with you.

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3-Step Pain Program

Three Steps. We pull patients out of the downward spiral and create positive healing momentum. We chart a unique course for each patient, but they all involve the same three steps.

Our 3-Step Program is designed to be effective in the most extreme and fragile cases involving surgical hardware, arthritis or pinched nerves. The same way we help severe patients is exactly how we treat less severe cases and prevent greater problems from developing.

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Bonacci Method™

At Arizona Pain & Posture, I often solve conditions that have troubled the patient for years. My approach and technique have a troubleshooting aspect. I use a sequence of events that combines orthopedic tests and hard science with intuition. The intuitive part is needed to get past failure, false negatives, and non-responsive patients — the part I call work.

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Feldenkrais Method®

We are able to accept insurance for Feldenkrais sessions, through our dual-licensed physical therapist Jeanne Hills, the only physical therapist in Arizona who also holds a 4-year Feldenkrais degree.

Using the Feldenkrais Method® , Jeanne Hills, PT, GCFP, specializes in helping chronic and complicated pain patients reach their full potential and reclaim control over their lives through the freedom and ease of movement most of us knew as children.

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IV Nutrition

We offer a range of IV therapy services designed to boost your energy, improve your health and wellness, and help you feel your best. From vitamin and nutrient infusions to hydration therapy and more, we have everything you need to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Thank you for choosing Arizona IV – we can’t wait to help you on your wellness journey.

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RegenAlign™ Therapeutic Massage

Do you have relentless pain? Experience a massage that effectively relieves pain by encouraging proper alignment of nerves. All massages are not created equal — going for a superficial spa massage to solve complicated pain is like getting a manicure to solve carpel tunnel. It won’t work.

Our massage therapists are trained in RegenAlign: The Bonacci Method of Regenerative Alignment™. Many patients who have found success with our clinic come in regularly for these amazing massages — to keep their posture strong, keep nerves aligned, and keep pain away!

Pricing: $25 for 15-minute increments — up to 60-minute sessions. Must be scheduled ahead: 480-585-0252

Note: Dr. Bonacci regularly teaches Continuing Education classes for massage therapists to learn this technique. Call us if you are a massage therapist interested in expanding your skills! 480-585-0252

Auto and Work Injuries

Dr. Bonacci has spent the last 15 years doing research on how to most efficiently treat injury and pain patients. Many of these cases start with unresolved issues relating to an auto accident.

If you have recently been injured in an auto accident, the Bonacci Method can quickly and effectively realign your damaged muscles, soft tissue, joints and nerves, in order to heal properly during your body’s initial rapid healing phase.

If you were injured in the past in an auto accident and your body never healed properly, resulting in chronic pain, the Bonacci Method can help re-train your body into proper posture and alignment, allowing the correct healing to take place. It’s never too late to get the body back on track and begin the path to a pain-free life.

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BEMER Sessions

The Bemer is a body-length, comfortable pad containing copper coils that conduct a specific pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF). Our bodies respond instantly to the frequency, stimulating cells to function properly and blood to flow properly.

The Bemer utilizes advanced technology, and even NASA has an agreement with Bemer to develop a garment to help astronauts endure the stress of outer space despite the lack of gravity.

This technology heightens the function of cells in the body, increasing circulation, which results in a number of benefits, including rapid recovery and elimination of discomfort.

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Chiropractor Training Workshops

Learn the Bonacci Method and help solve complex pain problems with ease, transitioning into a cash practice, building a scalable business model, eliminating stress and feeling your worth. Call 480-585-0252 to get on the schedule now.


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